In Requiern

In Loving Memory of Our Four-Legged Friends

Tribute to a Dog

The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.   A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness.  He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side.  He’ll kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world.  He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince.  When all other friends desert, he remains.  When riches take wing and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.

—— Senator George Vest, 1870


Name Date of Passing
June February, 2007
Caroline January, 2007
Paris January, 2007
Hondo December, 2006
Rubi December, 2006
Vicki December, 2006
Marshall November, 2006
Burner August, 2006
Sabrina August, 2006
Jack June, 2006
Kramer May, 2006
Hunter May, 2006
Gypsy May 12, 2006
Star September 19, 2005
Babe April 16, 2006
Will 2006
Jake 2006
Angel 2006
Melanie August 16, 2005
Hannah August 12, 2005
Luna August 10, 2005
Batty August 2, 2005
Tique July 22, 2005
Duchess July 10, 2005
Jaga June 20, 2005
Candy March 26, 2005
Brule March 24, 2005
Roux Elvis January 17, 2004, complications from surgery. Elvis wasn’t only a friend to Michael and Yoli. He was a therapy dog and a blood donor, helping both residents of a nursing home and other dogs in their time of need.  He was truly a wonderful ambassador for our breed.   Roux Elvis
Spike September 24, 2003, rapidly growing inoperable melanomas
Ridley/Princeton September 24, 2003, rapidly growing inoperable brain tumor
Grace June 1, 2003, heart attack
Bill Bill lost his gallant battle on 3 January 2003
Sera Sera lost her battle with cancer on 25 July 2002
Cookie Cookie lost his battle with cancer 4 April 2002