Links to other Doberman Sites

Doberman Sites

Doberman Pages- Dobe information
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
DoberWorld – email list and lots of Dobe information
Dog Owner’s Guide to the Doberman
German Doberman Club
Greater Austin Doberman Pinscher Club
Info on Albino Dobermans
North Texas Doberman Rescue
Suntana Dobermans
Special Needs Dobermans
The Senior doberman project


Animal CPR
Special care for blue Dobermans
Dog food comparison charts
Encyclopedia of veterinary info
Heartworm information
How to grind nails
Low cost spay,neutering, and shots in Austin
Low cost spay,neutering, and shots in Houston
National Animal Poison Control Center
Spay Incontinence

General Dog Sites:

American Kennel Club
Dog related news
Hotels and workplaces that allow dogs
Hotels that allow pets
Puppy Mills
The Dogpatch
The Poop


Clicker training
Good training information
Kids and dominance issues when getting a new pet Can we help you keep your pet?
Triple Crown Dog Academy


Texas Dog Events