Male Dobermans for Adoption



Bronx is a black and tan, cropped and docked senior male, approximately eight years old. He is that perfect combination of playful and mellow. While he does enjoy being mellow, hanging out inside in the A/C, and being petted, he is also very active. He enjoys running, swimming (yes, he really swims!), and playing with other dogs. He would like to be both your running partner as well as your couch potato buddy. He is a super sweetie!


Fred is a young, black and tan, cropped & docked, male Doberman. He loves other dogs and people. He is quite the bouncy boy and will benefit from a basic oberience class. He has lots of energy. Fred is a bit on the small side, and has a cute little grin to match!


George is a young, blue & tan male with natural ears. Teddy is a young, black & tan male, also with natural ears. They were found wondering together and are very attached to each other. We hope to find them a loving home where they can stay together.


Kodak is an awesome dog. Kodak followed me around he play yard, wanting to be petted. He seemed a little scared of all the commotion at the shelter, but was very quiet and gentle wth me. He is very sweet. If you want to adopt him please email Laura.


Moose is a large young, cropped and docked, black and tan male Doberman. Moose gets along well with people, dogs and cats. Moose is a fence climber, so he will need a home with a wooden privacy fence. Moose is a bit camera shy right now, while waiting for some scars on his face to heal.


Roscoe is a one year old red male with natural ears. He is shy at first, but once he warms up he is extremely playful and sweet. He gets along well with other dogs.


Rusty in a 2-3 year old red male Doberman. He is cropped and docked, neutered, housebroken and Heartworm negative. He is a very sweet and loving dog with a easy going temperament. A typical velcro Doberman that wants to be with his people. Unfortunately, Rusty has one drawback. Because he was left alone for long periods in a backyard he learned to jump low fences. We recommend that he goes to a home with at least a 5-6 foot privacy fence. Contact Dan if you are interested in Rusty.