Here are a few stories about some of our adopted dogs, and the homes they have found. If you have adopted a Doberman from Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue, and would like to share the story of your dog, please send it to Patty.


My name is Alex and I adopted Cayenne (to you known as Duchess) in June of 2004. Since then I’m in constant contact with Brandy, Cayenne’s foster mom. I’d like to let you, personally, know of Cayenne’s progress so far (call it bragging:))
Ever since Cayenne came to live with us I worked with her on basic obedience commands. Being a Doberman, I didn’t have any doubt that she’ll learn quickly…and she didn’t disappoint me. Cayenne’s very bright and eager to work. So we started the game of “search”. I’d let my kids hide anywhere in the house, armed with a dog treat, and give Cayenne the command to search (I teach her German). Once she finds the kids, she’ll be rewarded with the treat. Cayenne learned that after the first try and loves to play that game. I also expanded it to the playground, where my daughter would hide on top of the jungle gym while I distract Cayenne. After the command, she even climbs up on the jungle gym to point out my daughter’s location.
Not too long ago my neighbor came over to let me know that Alana (she’s 4) was seen entering the Bayou (which I didn’t allow her) and then wasn’t seen at all anymore. I grabbed Cayenne and went with her to the location my daughter was last seen entering the Bayou. After giving her the “search” command, her nose immediately hit the ground (although her buddy was there and ready to play) and she went in one direction. As I looked up I saw my daughter with a stranger!!! at the far end of the Bayou, approximately 300 yards ahead of us. I told Cayenne to “go get her” (my command for her to point out the object) and Cayenne flew toward them. As she approached the stranger, she confronted him, kept him at bay by barking, growling, snarling, raising hackles and demanded all of their attention. Nobody dared to move and I thought for sure Cayenne would jump at him any minute now (as we haven’t started that type of training yet). Instead she waited until I got near and recognized the stranger as a teenage neighbor who kept my daughter out of trouble until I was able to get her. I gave Cayenne the off command upon which she immediately came back to me, went over to sniff the other person and even let him pet her.
I’ve never seen such an even tempered, smart, mind reading dog as her, and needless to say, ever since that happened, she’s got a very special place in my heart (not that she didn’t have that before). We try to go to the dog park (Millie Bush) about 3 days/week and usually stay anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. I also try to walk her twice daily, sometimes we get out only once, but therefore she gets to run and swim in the Bayou plenty.
I’d like to let you know what a true joy it is to have her around. She’s equally a protector, companion, play partner, retriever and baby sitter. So versatile, so smart…! I knew Doberman are great dogs, if treated and handled correctly, but I’ve never dared to dream an outcome like Cayenne. I betcha her former owner would be eating his heart out if he knew what a great dog he gave up.
Attached are some very recent pictures of her on a typical day (listening to what’s going on in the neighborhood, chewing her bone or just hanging out in her “nest”)
Thanks again for letting me adopt my girl! Oh, I don’t mind if you (and whom you) tell about her…LOL. I’m so proud of my girl that I’m constantly bragging to somebody about her. 🙂 If you don’t get sick of it, I’ll gladly keep you updated! I actually considered joining with Cayenne the S.A.R. Team here in Houston, but can’t start on it this year due to lack of time (and money). We’re going to Germany for 5 weeks in June/July and there wouldn’t be enough time for me to practice. Sadly, though, I can’t take Cayenne with me to Germany. None of my relatives have the space (they all live in rather small apartments) and the one friend who’s got the space, has a scared mom. She so scared of dogs…so was my friend, until she met Cayenne. After they left she missed her daily waking service (wet nose in face)…LOL. Well, that’s enough rambling on for now. ALEX