Who We Are

About Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue

What is Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue:

Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue Inc. is a Texas non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and adoption of purebred Doberman Pinschers. Our purpose is to find quality homes for as many homeless Dobermans as possible.

Why do Dobermans need to be rescued?

Our rescue dogs come from all different kinds of places. Some are found on the streets after having been abandoned or after having wandered from their own homes. Some’re given to us by the area shelters because the shelter is too full and they would otherwise be euthanized. Some are given up by their owners for various reasons, some of them being:

  • moving and can’t take the dog
  • major life changes – marriage, birth, new home, job changes, divorce, illness, death
  • allergies
  • The responsibilities of owning a large breed dog were not understood from the beginning

What kind of care do the rescue Dobermans require?

When the dogs come into rescue they are in various conditions of health. The most common problems we have to take care of are: heartworms, external parasites, intestinal parasites, malnutrition and dehydration. We make sure the dogs are in good health before adopting them out.

How is the Doberman Rescue Supported?

Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue depends on donations and adoption fees. The sad truth is that expenses exceed income and the differences must be covered by personal resources. We expect to support the stray animals, however most owners who surrender their animals do not recognize the fact that we have to support their animal for 6 months or more before finding them a suitable home.

Who should adopt a Doberman?

You should adopt a rescue Doberman if you want a loyal companion who forgives your imperfections as you forgive theirs.

What is a rescue Doberman like?

There are so many Dobermans that need to be rescued that we select them on the basis of their temperament. All of the dogs have a sweet nature. Most of them are with BVDR for 8 months or more and in that time we get to know the very well. During this time we resolve their health problems, they are housebroken and their personalities have blossomed. Many people are hesitant to adopt an adult Doberman because they are unsure of their temperament. The truth is that you can be most sure of their temperament when they are adults.

How can you keep your Doberman from becoming a rescue statistic?

  • Include him or her as an active member of your family
  • Attend obedience classes with him or her
  • Provide for his or her health and well being
  • Microchip your dog so they can be returned if they are ever lost